Summer Fun

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Here at Kidzland we are already a month into our summer activities.  Our school age children have been to the farm, the movies, the Library, the Splash Pad, Heckrodt, and many other places.  They have been working on creating their own versions of some famous paintings, and creating some fantastic science projects!  The summer can be a stressful time for many parents, as they want to prevent any down time where boredom can set in.  Trying to fill schedules with exciting and wholesome learning opportunities can be a full time job!  Our advice is to take a balanced approach.  Time with nothing planned can be a great opportunity for kids to use their imaginations and build their problem solving skills.  Allow children to figure out how to relieve their boredom by encouraging them and providing them various different environments.  For instance, check your neighborhood for some parks with wide open green spaces or some forested areas or encourage them to find what is on the bottom of their toy box!  The important thing is to give children some opportunities for choice and free play interwoven with scheduled and adult directed play.  Check out these links for more information!  Have a great Summer!

-Mr Josh

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