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Kidzland 2 is located at W5483 County Road KK in Appleton.  We’re across the street from Schmaltz Landscaping, and right next door to Crossroads Veterinary Clinic.

Our center encourages each child to have the confidence to gain intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development.  We believe in working together with you, the parents, to provide a safe and loving learning environment for your child. We look forward to sharing your child’s learning experience with you.


When it comes to teachers, our standards are as high as yours. Kidzland 2 is staffed by dedicated teachers who possess the training, skills, and passion to create engaging and cheerful learning environments that help your child reach his or her potential.  Kidzland Teachers have a passion for teaching.

We strive to create a rewarding environment of growth not only for our students but also for our staff.
Click on the photos to read our teacher bios and information below to get an idea of who your child will be spending their days with!

Scroll down to learn more about all of the important individuals that help to make Kidzland what it is.  Clicking on a picture will also bring up a staff bio where you can read additional information about each of our staff members.


Ms. Maddie’s calm and loving personality, along with her passion for teaching make her the perfect first teacher for your little one’s first learning experience.  Ms Lesley is new to Kidzland, and is excited to get to know our families and the Kidzland traditions.  Together, our infant teachers work to ensure you feel safe and comfortable with your child’s care.

Ms. Lesley 2023


Ms. Courtney understands the importance of caring for children who cannot speak up for themselves and will be an excellent advocate for your child’s well-being!  Ms. Selena’s enthusiasm to teach our older infants new skills every day is contagious! Together they make the perfect team to help transition your infant into their toddler years.

Ms. Courtney - 2015

Ms. Selena - 2020


Ms. Krissy loves working with our young toddlers and enjoys helping them to make that important transition from infant to toddlerhood.   Ms. Sammi’s enthusiasm for fun and learning, combined with her own experience as a mother make this duo the perfect Young Toddler teaching team!

Ms. Krissy - 2023

Ms. Sammi -2023


Ms.Kaylyn’s flexibility and creativity with the children allow for many different adventures each and every day. Ms. Sarah is newer to Early Childhood Education, but her kind and gentle demeanor is just what our infants need.  Together, they make the perfect team to guide your children out of the Toddler years and into the Preschool years! 

Ms. Kaylyn -2019

Ms. Sarah - 2020


Ms Leah’s relaxed demeanor is perfect for keeping all of our little friends feeling safe and loved. Ms Amber’s passion for the education of young children in inspiring.  Together, our two-year-old teachers do a fantastic job of guiding your littles out of the toddler years, and into the preschool years.

Ms. Leah - 2017

Ms. Amber -2024


 Ms. Bridgette’s creativity and outgoing personality combined with her background in special needs brings a unique skill set that encourages communication and social skills.  Ms Kaylee is new to Kidzland, but brings a new set of skills and experience to our team. This duo is just what a group of active three-year-olds need. 

Ms. Bridgette -2020

Ms. Kaylee 2023


Ms. Sydnie started with Kidzland 2 in June 2018.  Her enthusiasm for teaching shows that our preschoolers are in good hands! 

Ms. Sydnie - 2018


Ms. Jessica has been with Kidzland 2 since September 2023. Jessica provides a never-ending stream of fun and educational activities that truly leaves no child behind!   This classroom combines 4K wrap-around, before and after school, and summer programming to provide a perfect complement to the school year and beyond!  

Ms. Jessica - 2023


Ms. Lori, Ms. Ashley, and Ms. Mary are your administrative staff.  We are a dedicated group that makes sure the behind-the-scenes logistics are taken care of so your experience at kidzland 2 is tailored to your family’s needs.  Our goal is to become an extension of your family and to be a reliable partner in raising your children.  We are always available to help with any questions you might have.

Ms. Lori - 1999

Ms. Ashley - 2020

Ms. Mary - 2011


The Kidzland Support Staff is made up of various individuals who provide an incredibly important hand in making this center such a great place for children and families.  We all care a great deal about what we do and each of us brings our own special talents to the program. 

Ms. Annette -2021

Ms. Whitney - 2023

Ms. Abbey

Ms. Dana - 2020

Ms. Chloey

Ms. Averi

Ms. Carli - 2020

Ms. Nevaeh - 2023

Ms. Anna - 2024